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Each and every country has an unique cultural and traditional history and many of its cultures and traditions do change as time progress. Change is constant and so does every cultures and traditions.Being non-independent entities, society creates them. The people of each and every country contribute towards cultures in their own way. If we open the historical records we see the passion and reason behind such transitional events, which people mostly forgot in the ravages of time and in due course lost. The objective of this web site is to bring forth the artistic talent of an artist in the spotlight, things influenced him to make those marks in time thorough art, which he created for the society and how others interrelated with him evolved in art.


Can a mother forgot her son's name? As impossible it sounds, the land of Madurai, similarly cannot forgot her son R. krishna Rao

Early Days ...


Famous quote from the artist

"Either I paint to see my experiene or aesthetics resounding on my canvas or I die by doing nothing"